Archtop Celebrates One Year Birthday!

Archtop Celebrates One Year Birthday! 970 300 WVT Fiber

Happy Birthday to us!

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since we officially started our mission to bring 100% fiber multi-gig Internet to underserved communities across the Hudson Valley and beyond. Today, we’re taking time to celebrate the incredible progress we’ve made in building this company and bringing future-proof connectivity to the region. Tomorrow, we’re back to work with urgency, passion, and LOTS of coffee as we build our network and, in the coming months, launch the fastest, most reliable Internet for homes and businesses, brought to you by neighbors and friends who are committed to this community and to delivering the highest quality customer experiences you can find.

Here are a few highlights of our amazing progress so far…

  • Developed a network plan to build over 2,500 miles of fiber, secured relationships with major equipment vendors, and solidified our technology and technology roadmap
  • Secured private investment of more than $350,000,000
  • Executed 17 Memoranda of Understandings (and dozens more in the pipeline) representing commitments from municipalities throughout the Hudson Valley to help us expand our network with public funding
  • Signed lease as first tenant of iPark 87 in the Town of Ulster, officially making the greater Kingston area home
  • Filled our storage yard with more than 7,000,000 feet of fiber, 2,000,000 feet of strand, over 2,000 handholes and began building our vehicle fleet
  • Stacked our warehouse with thousands of ONTs and Wi-Fi routers
  • Acquired 3 local telephone companies that we will upgrade with fiber and increased Internet speeds to further expand our network footprint and mission around broadband access
  • Hired 26 employees to help make our mission a reality (check-out our website to apply and join our incredible team!)

And it’s just the beginning. Thank you for being along for the ride and for your patience as we build something epic and awesome. We’ll see ya around town!

Your neighbors,

Archtop Fiber