Meet the new WVT Fiber – 100% Fiber 100% Local Internet

The Fastest, Most Reliable Internet Service!

Say hello to the only company bringing you 100% fiber optic Internet and phone services. Plus, we are raising the bar when it comes to customer service and setting new standards. How does that sound?

New 10 Gig Speeds, Same Local Service

Buckle up for turbo-charged Internet speeds that’ll have you streaming, working, learning, gaming, and staying connected across all your devices! Plus, we’re upholding the same high local service standards that WVT has proudly delivered for over 120 years.

Experienced Leadership

WVT Fiber, recently acquired by Archtop Fiber, seasoned operators are invested in local communities and are investing in and upgrading the entire WVT Fiber network to fiber across Warwick Valley and beyond.

24/7 U.S. Customer Support

WVT Fiber’s support team is available around the clock, ready to answer any questions and solve your problems FAST!

Ready to Move at the Speed of Light?

Check to see if the highest-speed, multi-gig Internet service is in your area.

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Reliable Internet Service is a Necessity, Not a Luxury

Way more stable than cable, with lightning-fast speeds to fuel every single one of your devices!

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Meet Our Dream Team

WVT, recently acquired by Archtop Fiber, has developed and produced top-notch Internet networks for decades. With Archtop Fiber now on our team, WVT is better than ever.

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Uploading & Downloading is a Breeze

With WVT Fiber Internet, upload and download at the same fast speeds. Symmetrical speeds mean more doing and less waiting.

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We 💚 Warwick Valley

Hop on board our 100% fiber optic network, using 12x less energy than cable. Stream away without a hint of guilt while we play our part in keeping the planet squeaky clean. Let’s embrace this green journey together!

Get Connected and Stay Connected!

Find out if the most reliable Internet is available in your area.