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Archtop Fiber to Acquire Warwick Valley Telephone Co.

Archtop Fiber to Acquire Warwick Valley Telephone Co. 970 300 WVT Fiber

Archtop Will Upgrade WVT Network With 100% Fiber, Continue Legacy of Dedicated Service to New York and New Jersey Communities

Kingston, New York, May 23, 2023Archtop Fiber’s impressive growth spurt continues with the acquisition of the acclaimed Warwick Valley Telephone Co.

Archtop, a multi-gig, 100%-fiber Internet and phone service provider, signed a stock purchase agreement with Momentum Telecom, a leading provider of managed cloud communications services, to acquire New York-based Warwick Valley Telephone Co. (WVT), which was founded in 1902 and has been part of Momentum since 2015.

Through this strategic agreement, Archtop Fiber will provide telecommunications services to customers in New York’s Orange County and portions of central New York and northwestern New Jersey, bringing the benefits of high-speed fiber Internet and increased bandwidth as part of its mission to bridge the digital divide in underserved communities. In addition, Archtop plans to leverage Momentum Cloud Voice solutions in its greenfield markets.

“Our leadership team has a longstanding relationship with Momentum, and we’ve always admired WVT for its commitment to the community and passion for customer service,” said Jeff DeMond, Chairman and CEO of Archtop Fiber. “Their service area fits right in with our network plans, and our ideologies are very much aligned.”

In keeping with plans for Hancock and GTel, acquisitions Archtop Fiber announced previously, the company will upgrade WVT’s network to fiber to deliver the fastest, most reliable, environmentally friendly and affordable Internet access. Archtop Fiber is also committed to continuing WVT’s tradition of dedicated customer service and maintaining a strong presence in the local community.

“Archtop Fiber is an ideal successor to not only take the Warwick Valley Telephone torch, but to enhance it so its light burns brighter than ever. WVT has been able to accomplish an impressive amount for a company its size over its storied history, riding the wave of innovation to offer top-quality services to our customers,” said Todd Zittrouer, CEO of Momentum Telecom. “We see this agreement as a continuation of those efforts. Archtop Fiber is uniquely positioned to give WVT customers world-class broadband, bringing new and exciting opportunities for residential and business customers.”

WVT is Archtop Fiber’s latest acquisition as it expands its footprint in the Northeast. Over the last six months, Archtop entered stock purchase agreements with family-owned Hancock Telephone Co., a telecommunications provider based in Hancock, New York, and GTel, the fiber-rich, fourth-generation, family-owned voice, video and Internet service provider based in Germantown, New York.

The WVT acquisition is anticipated to close in late 2023 pending regulatory approvals.

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About Archtop Fiber
Archtop Fiber was founded with a commitment to bring the fastest, most reliable, environmentally friendly and affordable Internet access to those who have traditionally been underserved — or even overlooked. The Archtop team has decades of success partnering with communities, large and small, to create technology-driven opportunities. With a fully funded business strategy, Archtop is dedicated to local investment. This ensures we support customers with upgrades to existing infrastructure while deploying the latest multi-gig, symmetrical, fiber-based network technology to bring faster, more secure and scalable broadband services to those that need them. Archtop Fiber is proudly invested in empowering your day-to-day life, bringing the digital world to you, your community and its businesses, schools, libraries, hospitals, farms and community centers.

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About Momentum
Momentum enables businesses to connect, communicate, and thrive whenever and wherever. Through our suite of industry-leading managed cloud services including global managed network, SD-WAN, cloud voice, and collaboration solutions, Momentum is your single-source provider for connectivity and communications.

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